Better Metadata means more sales in more places

Impeccable book metadata consistent with the worldwide ONIX standard is the key to discoverability and sales in today’s digital era. The book trade depends upon the distribution of clean and accurate metadata. Without it, great books become simply invisible.

Onixsuite gives you control of your metadata and its distribution, allowing you to work collaboratively with your partners such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google, Nielsen and Bowker, as well as your own distributor and website.

Use Onixsuite to correct, clean, enhance and display your metadata. Onixsuite is available in multiple languages and is cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere from any device.

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In an increasingly digital marketplace with multiplying sales channels, the importance of reliable and comprehensive metadata is paramount. Research by Nielsen shows a 98% increase in sales for books possessing thorough, accurate metadata. The boost for online sales is even more striking.

Taking control of your metadata reduces inconsistencies and enables you to track the source of any discrepancies easily. With Onixsuite, set up automatic metadata feeds with any trading partner adapted to their specific requirements.

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Books sold online experience a

when complete, rich metadata is available.