Onixsuite’s key features help you become an expert in creating, correcting, checking, perfecting and sharing your data with all your trading partners:

  • Access Onixsuite from anywhere with a web connection
  • Import Excel templates or ONIX 2.1 and instantly convert your data to ONIX 3.0
  • Identify errors and weaknesses in your metadata before it goes to partners
  • Bulk fix errors and problems on your entire catalog, whether it’s big or small
  • Automated exports of ONIX 2.1 or 3.0 to an unlimited number of trading partners
  • Send your whole catalogue or just selected records to partners
  • Easy to maintain up-to-date pricing, rights and availability information
  • Include external media: images, video, audio, PDF or ePub
  • Subject classification: BISAC, BIC, CLIL, Thema and others
  • Onixsuite is multilingual, already available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
  • Website included to check and showcase your data


In an increasingly digital marketplace with multiplying sales channels, the importance of reliable and comprehensive metadata is paramount. Onixsuite, with its robust features, gives you the tools you need to meet any of your partners’ requirements and thus increase your sales.

Research by Nielsen shows a 98% increase in sales for books possessing thorough, accurate metadata. The boost for online sales is even more striking.

Taking control of your metadata reduces inconsistencies and enables you to track the source of any discrepancies easily. With Onixsuite, set up automatic metadata feeds with any trading partner adapted to their specific requirements.

Increase in sales for books with complete metadata



Take control of your own data with Onixsuite's user-friendly catalogue management. Pinpoint, correct and perfect your data, then view it on your own branded showcase website. Send perfect feeds to your suppliers every time.


Use Onixsuite to enlarge and empower your customer base. Are your customers' data feeds not up to scratch? Do you waste time back and forth? Empower your customers with customized Onixsuite accounts. Transform their metadata into smooth perfect feeds.


Always have reliable and up-to-date prices and availability for every title you stock. Use Onixsuite's customizable Scorecards give you the power to check and score feeds of unlimited size from your suppliers.