GiantChair has a long history of helping book publishers create and distribute book catalogue information of extraordinary quality. With more than 100 publishers and distributors in multiple countries using our metadata management platform Onixsuite, GiantChair is on the cutting edge of metadata management and e-commerce for the book publishing industry.

Retailers and Distributors in the book trade around the world are moving towards the ONIX 3.0 standard. GiantChair’s team of book metadata experts can help take something that seems enormously complicated and make it easy, empowering you to take advantage of the ONIX standard; dramatically improving your sales and margins.

ONIX 3.0 empowers publishers in a way never before, enabling them to reach new retailers and markets, while easily setting prices around the world with one data feed.

Whether you are a publisher or a distributor who is looking to use ONIX for the first time or want to take your average data and make it excellent, GiantChair can help. We also offer ecommerce solutions powered by our Onixsuite solution.